FS2 - Y11 Application
Student Information

Years 3 – 11
Please use this form to apply for a place in all year groups between Year 3 and Year 11 inclusive. Please note: We are currently closed for registration in our Pre-Prep (FS1 – Year 2) 2017 and 2018.
Pre-Prep (FS1 – Year 2)
This form should only be completed if you have an existing Pre-Prep registration with us. Registration for Pre-Prep 2019/20 will open via the Admissions page on our website www.cranleigh.ae on in the Summer 2018.

Please upload a copy of your child’s passport

Please upload a recent passport-sized photo of your child, taken within the last 3 months

If you’re applying from within the UAE please provide your child’s Emirates ID Number.

Please upload a copy of your child’s Emirates ID card

Home Address

Current School / Nursery

Please note, students can only move into the year above if they have completed the full academic year at their current school.
Please specify Year or Grade in your answer.

e.g. British / International Baccalaureate (IB) / American
Please note, if you are applying for a place in our Sixth Form, students must be coming from the British Curriculum and have completed their iGCSE / GCSE exams before they start.

School Address

It is very important that we are aware of any medical or additional support your child has had so that we can support their progress. This includes support in school / nursery or outside of school.

Please elaborate

Please note: The school requires parents to disclose any health and special educational needs. Failure to do so may result in the parent meeting additional costs through support, or the loss of a school place. The school reserves the right to withdraw the place offered before or after admission in the light of incomplete disclosure.

Check all that apply

In the past three years has your child participated in a special educational programme eg gifted and talented?

We need the last school report (from the term before your child starts at Cranleigh) in order to meet ADEC’s requirements. Are these your child’s most recent school reports? Please review, and ensure the latest version is uploaded.